HSI: Final Day


Above me is a link to a small picture album I’ve made for HSI. Today is the last day on HSI 😦 But, today I was given some reflective questions.

  1. What are the top 5 lessons you will remember from this class?        I remember the MTV lesson and how they portray teenagers, I remeber the YouTube, creating the audio files, doing the interviews, and the trip to the mountians
  2. What are the top 5 lessons you will remember from your sciences/math class? I remeber the trip to the supercomputer, the first day of meeting everyone, and when we began to create things in Kitely.
  3. How do you think you’ve grown as a person from coming to HSI? Have you become more outgoing and friendly? Have you conquered any fears? Have you learned to be more independent? I feel like I’ll listen to people more, before this sometimes I would just stop listening to people sometimes but that hasn’t happened that much at HSI. I feel like I am mor independent.
  4. How do you think HSI prepared you for college life and your future career path? I showed what college life is like. I put me in a new situation that is like college, I can find my way around the campus, and easily make friends.
  5. If you could re-live HSI, what would you do differently? I wouldn’t do anything differnetly.
  6. What will you tell your friends and family back home about HSI? You know that question is just waiting for you back home… I’ll tell them how fun it was and rfor my friends who didn’t apply, what they missed out on. I’ll answer any questions that they have.

Media Stereotypes

To what extent have gender stereotypes changed?

Girls and Boys are now shown equal to each other and can have either of the traditional jobs of either gender.

To what extent have racial stereotypes changed?

Old racial stereotypes aren’t prevalent anymore. Native americans are now shown as drunk and poor or extremely rich if they own a casino. Blacks can be shown in any role.

What stereotypes on TV exist for people who are GLBT?

I don’t really now any shows that have people of different sexualities.

Please provide some example TV shows from the past decade to illustrate your arguments.

In Crime shows blacks are either the criminal or an important detective. while in many movies the natives are shown like how I mentioned above.



Today for my class we watched part of a documentary about multitasking with electronics. In the video I saw that almost everyone multitasks, but a study showed that people who think that they’re good at multitasking are actually bad at it. Their has been very little studys done on multitasking or how todays technology affects people.

To what extent do you multitask with media during school? Do your teachers allow it? Consider the fact that taking notes with pen and paper is more effective than taking notes on a laptop.                                   During school I don’t use media during it because my teachers don’t allow it or my class usually doesn’t have access to it. The one class I had computers in we still couldn’t use media because he’d always make sure everyone was on task. For notes, I take handwritten notes for all my classes.

How about when you’re outside of school; do you multitask with media?                                                                                                                                         I multitask with media outside of school, but now that I have seen that video on how it can adversely affect you I’m going to try to use it less and multitask less.

Do you think you’re effective at multitasking? Why or why not?           I don’t think I am because everything seems harder when I’m trying to do multiple things at once, since I try to spread my attention across everything that I’m doing.

After watching this clip, do you anticipate multitasking in the future during school? Why or why not?                                                                                  I already don’t multitask in school and I don’t plan on starting to multitask.

What are the implications or consequences of multitasking with digital media? Do you see problems for society or for yourself?              Some problems that will happen with multitasking are that people won’t be able to concentrate on one thing causing other areas to suffer, I think that people won’t be able to function without it because many people who have it are overstimulated and with out multitasking they are under stimulated which isn’t any better.



To my class watched the video above about the MTV stereotypes: the mook and midriff. The mook is a guy who seeks attention and will do anything for it and use the way they act to get it, while the midriff are girls who seek attention and use their bodies to get it. I think that people still at like the mooks and midriffs you can find characters that act like them in many movies, tv shows, and you can find people who act like them in real life. For example Miley Cyrus shows off here body in many music videos she does to get people attention. The mooks and midriffs were created by MTV but many people still want to act that way.

MTV has changed from play music to playing tv show nobody watches. they changed it because it’s probably harder to just play music videos because someone could just get on YouTube and watch any video they want to, while on tv people don’t have a choice, they watch whats on the channel. I think that MTV needs to change what they show, instead of showing TV shows that are only about the stereotypical teen, they need to have decent shows on it.

Personal Profile: Collin life of a Debater

The NFL, not the National Football League, the real one the National Forensics League. This the National Speech and Debate Leagues. Collin is in Speech and Debate and currently is in three events: Policy, Student Congress, and Extemp.


Collin is currently participating in Policy Debate, which in policy Collin says, “You talk really fast about real world issues like nuclear war, which is a common topic in the event.” At first Collin never considered to be in policy, “I wanted to be in humor originally, but I showed up of practice and my coach signed me up.” says Collin. He has never left the event since that first practice.


Student Congress is a mock congress, in which people will write, reasearch and debate bills in the round. “I made a bill about um… oh.. judicial refunding in Mexico and I’m having another bill about the doctor shortage to get more doctors taught so we don’t have to worry about healthcare.” He said. Collin wasn’t exactly planning on doing congress, “I had a debate parter who went crazy, and um… and so… I didn’t have a partner for a while, and my coach decided to put me in congress. I was pretty good at it, and liked it a lot.” said Collin in these exact words.


Collins final event that he does is Extemporaneous Speaking were you are given a choice on three topics, you choose one and you’re given 30 minutes to prepare for that speech, after that prep time you give a 5-7 minute speech. Collin told me, “I was required to do a second event and my coach thought I’d be good at it.”

Extempually interesting.



Collin has been in Speech and Debate since his freshmen year, he first joined policy debate, followed by extemp, ending up with him joining congress. He’s a great debater and has no place to quit doing speech. Collin is planning in using his debating skills in his future career of politics.



The Body Image and Media

The average female is 5’4 and 165 lbs, yet the average female model is 5’10 and 120 lbs.

The average male is 5’9 and 195 lbs, yet the average male model is at least 6’0 and weighs about 175 lbs.

The Media tries to make normal people feel insecure and imperfect by showing people that society views as perfect and what they want to be, all to make money.


Above is how the media says women should look. thin, tall, and well perfect. But, in reality no one looks like that not even the models. All the models are air brushed to take out any “imperfections” they try to say you have to look like that or you’re not good enough, I think it’s sad that some people believe it. Like wise they do the same think for men, they say you have to be tall and muscular. But again not that isn’t how normal people are. This is a big problem because it puts people down and causes people to change to try to fit the image of perfection.

I think unrepresentative media are a big problem for society: it puts people down who don’t fall into what they look like, it makes people change to fit the image of perfection, and it teaches people to not accept or be happy with themselves.

Media images affects all people by making them think that’s how they should look and if they don’t look like that, that they aren’t good enough.

This problem need to be fixed. I think that if these magezines would stop air burshing the models and let the public see how they actually look it will help to solve or minimize the problem. They could also have avaerage looking people be used as models and not the tall, thin, or muscular ones, but someone who’s looks like the normal American. The media needs to teach people to accept who you are, I’ve always been told to do that but many of the media sources says to accept who you are, unless you don’t look perfect.

Interview reflection

Last friday I had an interview in my multimedia class, it felt easy to be able to be interviewed and to be the one giving the interview.
The best part of the interview was that I was able to answer the questions without my mind going blank on any of them since usually when I’ll go blank on some of them. The worst part of it was that I was concisely  coughing. But, from this experience I was able to create good questions and learn how to use an audio recording device. I think interviewing skills will be improtant in the future because when you go to apply for a job you need to be interviewed. It will help you to be able to talk to people, along with many other things.

HSI Day 6: Banned Books


Today for my class we’re discussing banned books. In the book above it’s about a penguin family in the Central Park Zoo in New York City. But, this book has a difference instead of it being a father and mother penguin, it’s has two dads, which is the reason it was banned, for promoting homosexuality.

Today we’re been given a question on whether or not this book is right to ban in elementary school. I think the school shouldn’t decide if it is banned, but the parents should. Parents should have the right to decide what their children should see or shouldn’t see. The school shouldn’t be the one that decides. Plus, little children don’t know about the issues that are happening with homosexuality and probably won’t know about it for a while. So, this ban is unneeded.

There are two sides to book banning, pro-censorship and anti-censorship. The main arguments for pro-censorship is that in protects the children and the integrity of characters, but that shouldn’t be left up to a school, it should be left up to the parents seeing how each family has different beliefs and all families won’t fall into one category. Furthermore the arguments for anti-censorship is that it protects the freedom of speech, the freedom of speech is an important right that the people have in this nation given to us through the first amendment. Children should always have the right have the option to read every books from schools or libraries what they want to read, but again parents should decide what they should or shouldn’t read and they should be able to choose if the book would be good or bad for them based on the way they have been raised. Children and parents need to be trusted to make a decision that is good for them and not rely on the school to decide for them.


Some books that I have read on the banned book list are Harry Potter, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, To Kill A Mockingbird, and The Hunger Games.


HSI Day 5: News and entertanment

The 4th Estate: How is news related to democracy?
What responsibility does the news media have to educate and inform the public?
I think that the news has a big responsibility to enducate and inform the public because they are the primary source for current information in the world. If they fall behind or stop doing there job, the entire nation will suffer.
Can you think of an example where the news media did not do a good job at informing the public?
During a natural disater they don’t do the best job because there’s so much new information coming in the may be different from old information so the have to sort through it. They also do a bad job when they only talk about celebraty news and nothing else.
Mixing news and entertainment
To what extent do you think comedic news shows are informative and helpful as a “fourth estate”?
I think they are very helpful bcause the tell real news but in a light and funny way.
How often do you watch these types of shows? I watch them occasionally
Your News Diet
What is news to you? It’s information on events that are currenly happening or has resently happened.
Name what sources you get your news from. Why do you use these news sources? Why do you trust your news sources? Is the news you consume slanted or bias in any way?
I get news from the Washington Post, CNN, NYTimes, ect. I trust them because they are large news companies that the nation all knows about so they will be mostly truthful. Every news source has some Bias.
How often do you talk to other people about the news? Who do you talk to? What do you talk about?
For Speech and Debate I will talk a lot about it because in my event, Student Congress, you need to know what’s happening around the world.
What improvements to your news diet can you make?
I don’t think I need any improvements.
Your Entertainment Diet
What are your favorite entertainment sources? For example, TV shows, websites, movies, books, gaming, etc. Why do you use these entertainment sources?
I like Facebook, alot of different books and movies, the internet, and my Xbox and Steam
How much time do you spend with entertainment? Does it interfere with other aspects of your life, like your social life or academic life?
It depends some days I’ll spend more on entertainment than others. It doesn’t interfere with other aspects of my life.
To what extent do your parents regulate your exposure to entertainment? Are they more lenient now than in the past because you’re in high school now?
They don’t regulate it much, just I can watch rated-R movies

HSI Day 4: Online Identity

A PBS study from the past few years shows the amount of teens on the internet has increased along with other similar things: amount of smartphones, social networking, ect. You can see the study here http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/media/generation-like/what-are-teens-doing-online/ so for my class I’ve been asked a couple questions about it.

How does your own online behavior compare to the data that we just examined?
Yes, I am on the internet a lot along with the 95% of other teenagers, but unlike them I am not a huge on social networking. I’ll get on Facebook every now and then but I don’t do much on it. I don’t have a smartphone and I don’t post selfies.

How do you think your online identity should look for college? For when you want to get a job?
Your online identity needs to look good because if it looks bad you’re probably not the best person. Just because it’s online doesn’t mean you should lower your standers on how you act

What privacy concerns exist for you and potential college admissions officers and employers?
I don’t have many privacy concerns because I don’t put everything about me on the internet. I’d rather tell a person about myself face to face and not over the internet.

Is it right for a college or employer to reject/fire you based on your online identity?
I think it is right. Like I’ve said just because it’s on the internet does mean you should lower you standers. If anything you should raise them since once it’s on the internet it public and never disappears there is alway a way to find it. Colleges and Employers would be able to find it and I personally wouldn’t what someone who acts bad on the internet to attend my college of work for me.

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